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More about the Daily Deal Charlottesville...
For Shoppers

The Daily Deal is an awesome way to save 50-90% on food, fun, health, and more in Charlottesville. Each day, we feature one deal that's only available for that day. If you love the deal, order it and then tell friends via Twitter, Facebook, and email because the deal won't actually activate until it reaches a tipping point when a certain number of people agree to buy it.

For Shops

Your business could be the next featured deal. If you already know your Hook advertising rep, call that person to learn more, or email us to let us know you're interested.

The "fine print" for all deals
Unless specifically contradicted in the deal's own fine print, these rules always apply:
• not valid for cash back or future credit on unused portion,
• must be used in one visit,
• can't be combined with other sales or offers,
• can't be used until the day after purchase.
• don't cover tax or gratuity, (please tip on the pre-discounted amount)


Q: Just one deal per day?
A: Yup, so sign up for the early morning email so you don’t miss out.

Q: But what if I already missed a deal?
A: Time flies, and so do these deals.

Q: What if not enough people buy the deal?
A: Then no one gets it, and your credit card won't be charged. Moral of the story: share the deal with your friends to help ensure the deal reaches its "tipping point."

Q: How do I receive my deal voucher?
A: It arrives to you via email. Just click the link to launch a PDF document, and print out the voucher bearing your unique code number and take it to the shop just like cash.

Q: May I give away my voucher?
A: Absolutely! Even though it has your name on it, it has a special number that can only be used once.

Q: How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?
A: It'll say, "Daily Deal Cville" if you pay with a Visa or Mastercard. (But if your credit card is Discover or Amex, your statement will say, "SSM* PHOTOS&GIFTCARDS." Sorry!)

Q: When does my voucher activate, expire?
A: Your voucher gets valid the day after you buy it. Each deal has its own expiration date, but normally the vouchers remain valid for 2-12 months. Under Virginia law, your voucher should remain valid for the amount you paid for a full 12 months.

Q: Can restaurant vouchers be used for alcohol?
A: Depends on the deal. Check the fine print.

Q: Is this owned by Groupon?
A: No, this is a similar concept to Groupon, but it's Charlottesville-owned and Charlottesville-operated!

Q: How ridiculous can Daily Deal radio advertising get?
A: Oh, about this ridiculous.

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Daily Deal Charlottesville

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